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Face Massage

Choose your Massage

Wellbeing Reset

Restore your body and mind with my signature Swedish-style massage reset. 

Achieve new levels of relaxing with pressure of your choosing, long stokes and rhythmic petrissage. Release stress and improve circulation whilst uplifting your sense of self using natural oils. 

  • Includes work on muscles and tight areas

  • Flowing movements for optimum relaxation 

  • Anxiety reducing - sleep inducing


60 mins full-body includes Head and Feet Massage.
90 mins includes Facial Reflexology or Feet Reflexology, or both.
120 mins usually one hour to 90 mins full body and then choice of Reflexology.

Lymphatic Drainage

Choose from the Original Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage or the newer Brazillian Lymphatic Drainage.


Lymphatic Drainage is specifically designed to reduce water retention and/or aid restoration for post-surgery or post-natal effects on the body. It comes with benefits for those with bloating, general anxiety, lymphedema, fibromyalgia and other health concerns. Before meeting we can discuss your specific needs and medical history so we can take a targeted approach to your massage. 


  • Improves appearance of skin, providing a glowing effect

  • Breaks down cellulite

  • Helps with Post-Injury/Surgery Swelling

  • Reduction of bloated-ness and puffyness

  • Aids body detoxification

  • Improves resilience to infection



An ancient practice stemming from Egypt and China, Reflexology can be considered one of the oldest forms of medicine and massage recorded. Pressure is applied to just the feet and hands that prompts the body to heal itself through the 'reflexes', corresponding to areas of the body that are in pain.


Reflexology can be considered as a spiritual massage that helps move trapped energies in the body. It can be energizing and supportive of insomnia, anxiety or even those with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy. 


Find out if Reflexology can work for you as it has many others when practiced regularly and effectively. 


  • Aids with relieving anxiety, depression, insomnia

  • Fertility and Conceiving Support

  • Hormonal Balancing including for Teenagers of those suffering with PCOS

  • PMS, Peri or Menopausal Relief and Support


See Facial Reflexology for more further down this page


Nurturing massage with only slight pressure but equally as renewing as any other treatment. Take some time out to bond with your bump and relieve those areas that your little one is causing problems in.


  • Supports pregnancy and emotional connection to baby from Second Trimester (Week 13) until delivery date

  • Relax and prepare for birth when nearing full term 

  • Relieve anxiety and stress, taking time for yourself and connect with your body

  • Boost Blood Circulation, Reduce Lower Back and Hip Pain

  • Improves Sleep


Read More about Pre-Natal Massage with Yas

Facial Reflexology ​

Taught by award-winning therapist Ziggie Bergman, this treatment of Facial Reflexology is based on “Zone therapy” which formed the basis for modern Reflexology. It was created by Dr. William Fitzgerald who studied Native Americans using pressure point therapy to relieve pain in the body. This bespoke treatment uses a curated serum and mist designed by Bergman using sacred plants inspired by Native American shamans and healers in New Mexico. Benefits include:

  • Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin

  • Tightens and plumps sagging skin

  • Sculpts the jaw and neckline

  • Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles

  • Clears the skin

  • Increases oxygen and blood flow

  • Helps to release emotions held in the face… leaving you looking softer, happier and calmer.


What to expect from mobile massage

I bring all equipment including a massage table and only ask for a few towels to be provided where necessary. Before meeting I send a digital consultation form where you can put your details and any relevant medical history. For Reflexology using a long sofa may be more comfortable and appropriate. See FAQ for more of your questions answered. 

Health Insurance

I am able to provide a receipt or invoice where required. Many insurance providers include Reflexology as a treatment or therapy. Please let me know any details that are required on your receipt. 

DBS Checked

I have an enhanced DBS completed every year. I can show this before undertaking any work with elderly or vulnerable adults. For children under the age of 18 I advise a parent or carer present for the treatment. 


If you have experienced some kind of trauma, do not hesitate to let me know in person so I can adapt my approach to your current emotional state. 

Yasmin performed an amazing reflexology treatment on me that sent me to sleep! This was my first reflexology treatment, usually I don't like my feet being touched as I'm so ticklish but I found it incredibly relaxing! I have known Yasmin a while as she is a client of mine, she is really passionate about what she does and extremely knowledgeable, she's always taking new courses to extend her knowledge and skills. Thank you

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