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How does massage help the body?

Here's a step-by-step guide on the power of healing massage at a deeper look.



Positive touch has an immediate effect on relaxing the body and mind through the Vagus nerve. It lowers your heartbeat, allowing your parasympathetic nervous system to enable itself against the 'fight or flight' response of daily life.


Engaging Muscles or Fascia

Through touch we engage with the muscles and layers of the skin to untangle the fibres that are tightly wound together. As such, this allows us to release emotional energy as well as physical energy - circulation is boosted allowing nutrients to flow and waste products to exit the body.



The blood circulation as well as lymphatic is activated. This permits the travel of blood and lymph (immunity boosting cells) around the body and thus allowing oxygen to reach cells to then renew and replenish.



Slowing your heart rate down means we are lowering the pressure at which it is operating under and pushing blood around. This results in lowering stress levels physically and emotionally that can have an impact in both the short and long term depending on how often you take time for your wellbeing.


Oxidative Stress

When we say lowering physical stress, we mean the stress that has undergone in your body on a cellular level. Your cells become damaged through 'stress' and you are less likely to operate as well. The first few steps have outlined how the benefits of massage come into play, and as a result on a micro level you have become more balanced.



By improving blood flow and activating the nervous system the brain's function is stimulated. Attention, memory and cognition is improved and happy chemicals are released into the body. The benefits are almost endless as you can find improved sleep and productivity.

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