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Wellness In The Comfort Of Your Home

My Mission

To provide a holistic service based on knowledge and personal experience to women dealing with their health and helping them to be the best version of themselves.


Rebalance the natural way

Do you struggle with hormonal imbalances or find yourself battling your body around your monthly cycle?


Have you tried seeking medical help for a chronic pain issue that has become more unpredictable?


You find it challenging for others to relate to your pain and find a professional who can understand?

Do you have a stressful lifestyle and find it difficult to make time for yourself?

It’s time you found a therapist that can help.

I come to you and work flexibly into the evenings. I create a calm and relaxing space for you to rebalance your inner world without you needing to leave the house.

Reach new heights of wellness at home.

Hormones don’t just define our physical appearance or reproductive system but also our minds and body as a whole.


As women, sometimes it feels like we are in a constant battle with our body to stay ‘well’ and have a normal day, without being in pain.

I work with women struggling with modern-day health concerns who struggle to find solace through a health system that doesn't work in our favor. 

It's time we find our own healing power in the form of wellness and self-care, and have better control and management over what gives us regular discomfort. 

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