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What to expect from a Pre-Natal Massage

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

To train and practice pre-natal massage has been an amazing journey. By giving a pre-natal massage, I now fully appreciate the ways the female body adapts to pregnancy and how Mums-to-be can benefit from the experience.

The first thing to be aware of is only to book a pre-natal massage after your first trimester (end of week 12). After that, you are free to have a massage right up until you are ready to give birth. The massage takes place with the client on their side, as it is the safest position. Some therapists may have a specialised table that can be lied on face down, but these are not too common.

I make sure that the client is as comfortable as possible, lying with their head on a pillow and also using a pregnancy pillow in-between the legs if necessary. It is completely their choice if they would like me to massage the stomach as not everyone is comfortable with this, but most people say they feel that part as a 'bonding moment' after the session.

'Felt great on the Saturday. Managed to spend the whole day walking around Cambridge and then entertain in the evening without any back pain' - Lauren (28 Weeks)

The second important fact to be aware of is that there are trigger points on the foot that are very sensitive when you are pregnant. If your partner gives you a massage, caution needs to be noted particularly on the foot as these points could accidentally trigger the baby from the womb. In my massage, I ensure long and light strokes, avoiding these areas and any risk. As such, the entire massage consists of long strokes and rhythmic movements that allow clients to relax and drift off. It is not possible to go much deeper, but despite this, many women say how any aches or pains they had disappeared by the following day. The other reason is that when pregnant, women have more hormones and are reactive to touch so they are able to benefit from such a gentle massage.

I try to give more attention to the hips or neck where there are complaints of tension, but we must always be safe!

Remember, after giving birth, any deep form of massage is not recommended for up to 4-6 weeks depending on the delivery. Some also struggle to lie on their front while breast feeding within the first few weeks. New Mums may also consider Manual Lymphatic Drainage to help with water retention after giving birth or helping kick start their lymphatic system after any caesarian section.

'Thank you for a lovely relaxing massage. I've had another pregnancy massage elsewhere previously which was quite uncomfortable and awkward but Yas made me super comfortable, and knowledgeable too. Would recommend and can't wait to book again!' - Georgia (19 Weeks)

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