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30 Minutes £40   |   45 Minutes £50   |   60 Minutes £75   |   90 Minutes £105

01 Wellbeing Reset

Restore your body and mind with the Swedish-style massage body reset. Achieve new levels of relaxing with light-medium pressure, long stokes and rhythmic petrissage. Release stress and improve circulation whilst uplifting your sense of self. 

02 Targeted Deep Tissue

Detail orientated, deep tissue can be just as relaxing as Swedish Holistic but adding more pressure to help relieve knots and tension on deeper muscle layer. Deep Tissue is great for promoting mobility and will leave you feeling like new .

03 Lymphatic Drainage

A massage specifically designed to reduce water retention or aid restoration after surgery or post-natal effects on the body. It comes with benefits for those with bloating, general anxiety, lipedema, fibromyalgia and other health concerns.

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04 Mum-To- Be

Nurturing massage with only slight pressure but equally as renewing as any other treatment. Take some time out to bond with your bump and relieve those areas that your little one is causing problems in. Treatments from 13 weeks onwards until you are ready to give birth.

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05 Sports Massage

Sports massage is simply a more targeted massage that aims to relieve a specific area of the body or injury using advanced methods such as soft tissue release and muscle energy technique. It does not have to be clinically 'deep tissue' nor does it need to be for specific injuries but working towards a remedial goal you have in mind.

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Yasmin performed an amazing reflexology treatment on me that sent me to sleep! This was my first reflexology treatment, usually I don't like my feet being touched as I'm so ticklish but I found it incredibly relaxing! I have known Yasmin a while as she is a client of mine, she is really passionate about what she does and extremely knowledgeable, she's always taking new courses to extend her knowledge and skills. Thank you

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