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Foot Massage



45 mins £50

1 hour £75

An ancient practice stemming from Egypt and China, Reflexology can be considered one of the oldest forms of medicine and massage recorded. Pressure is applied to just the feet and hands that prompts the body to heal itself through the 'reflexes', corresponding to areas of the body that are in pain.


Reflexology can be considered as a spiritual massage that helps move trapped energies in the body. It can be energizing and supportive of insomnia, anxiety or even those with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy. 

Find out if Reflexology can work for you as it has many others when practiced regularly and effectively. 

Hormonal Balancing Reflexology

45-minute consultation - £55

90-minute treatment for couple - £160

45-minute individual treatment - £80

This treatment is designed to be completed regularly for those struggling with their hormones. Whether it's Menopause, PCOS, Endometriosis, imbalance, perhaps even transitioning, this treatment can help balance you to achieve better wellness and confidence day to day and smooth out unwanted symptoms.

Learning from the UK's leading Fertility Reflexology expert Barbera Scott, this set of treatments is designed to create the optimum balance to assist with either support conceiving or balancing.


For Fertility support, Reflexology will ideally be conducted on both partners and go into depth about your monthly cycle and lifestyle in an online consultation with Yas. See more about hormonal issues in the AOM journal. 

Consultation fee cost is redeemed from the first booking

Facial Reflexology 

30 minutes as an add-on treatment - £50

45-minute stand-alone treatment with head massage - £75

Taught by award-winning therapist Ziggie Bergman, this treatment of Facial Reflexology is based on “Zone therapy” which formed the basis for modern Reflexology. It was created by Dr. William Fitzgerald who studied Native Americans using pressure point therapy to relieve pain in the body. This bespoke treatment uses a curated serum and mist designed by Bergman using sacred plants inspired by Native American shamans and healers in New Mexico. Benefits include:

  • Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin

  • Tightens and plumps sagging skin

  • Sculpts the jaw and neckline

  • Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles

  • Clears the skin

  • Increases oxygen and blood flow

  • Helps to release emotions held in the face… leaving you looking softer, happier and calmer.

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