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London Triathlon 2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Im proud to have been part of the London Triathlon 2021 at ExCel London this year with partner sponsor MyoMaster. We spent the weekend massaging tired finishers of the Triathlon just beyond the line, helping aid the recovery and celebrating their achievement.

As part of a post-event sports massage, the aim is to restore movement and aid the blood flow to tight muscles. This is actually not as vigorous as you can imagine, as this kind of massage is meant to be relaxing and helping lactic acid built up in muscles to drain off. There were lots of wet and sandy legs but participants were in great spirits and it was a great experience to be part of.

I also tried out Myomaster's percussive gun, rivalling my own Theragun and their impressive 'Air' trousers which blow up to push pressure and then release. For a whopping £899, they are certainly worth the price if you can afford it.

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