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Introducing... Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology is a soothing treatment similar to foot reflexology, but practiced on the facial reflexes instead mirroring the body. The proximity to the brain means these reflexes will be stimulated and responsive to touch.

This year I have been practicing Facial Reflexology as part of Ziggie Bergman's method which combines Zone Therapy (brought to America in 20th Century initially) with Native American and Asian techniques.

It aims to relieve symptoms of stress, improve lymphatic drainage and help with congestion as well as headaches and tension in the face or head. There have been some excellent results shown with regular treatments over a short period with models exhibiting brighter eyes, less puffyness around the eyelids and generally a brighter and healthier complexion.

I aim to eventually integrate facial reflexology as a hour long routine with head, neck and shoulder massage. Currently it is available with me as an add on treatment. Get in touch if you are interested in paying a student rate as I train with the full routine.

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