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In the know: Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

You may have heard the hype about BLD and wondered what its all about. Have you found yourself scrolling through instagram photos wondering how on earth massages made big difference in the before and after images religiously posted?

Similar to the Vodder Method but a bit more updated is the Brazilian approach to this lymphatic targeted massage. I always describe the Vodder method as being 'methodical' compared to other massages. It has a set routine to follow - but its equally as relaxing as any other, just slightly more goal orientated.

South America are renowned for their love of plastic surgery - and so the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage was born to help stimulate the healing process. With the focus being on water retention in the body, the massage 'sculpting' part of it has a by-product of also helping tone the skin and improve the appearance of cellulite. Water retention can become more noticeable as we begin to age and slow down, moving less or not at all. Surgery causes the body to become watery as a response to any intervention, so by stimulating lymph nodes and pumping towards them we are able to 'drain' excess water and blood that is more or less stuck in certain areas. This takes several sessions to achieve the desired result, especially if post-surgery.

Does it hurt? The Brazilian method is more fast-paced than the Vodder method. The hard part is the sculpting where we wring the skin and do some percussive movements but generally clients adapt to this after the first treatment and are happy when they see the results.

There are several who can benefit from Lymphatic Drainage. I see many clients replace this treatment from the Swedish style approach. I think that the massage is going to continue trending, especially combined with facial reflexology where sculpting the face and gua sha is also very popular to promote anti-ageing and drainage instead of choosing injectables and invasive skin procedures.

You can read more on my blog about the Vodder method.

If you are considering a Lymphatic Drainage massage, we can discuss which method will be best for you to try and incorporate that into a package tailored to your needs.

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