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How to set the tone for your home massage

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Getting a massage at home might be new experience for many. After lockdown last year it proved incredibly popular seeing as more people were working from home and salons in reopening disarray. But is it the same experience having a massage at home?

We are getting more used to being at home more often now, and having lots of on-demand mobile services, (lets face it, mostly takeaways.) I like to think that massage at home is just as good as the spa or beauty room experience but for many different reasons. Firstly, you get the avoid the trip back home with post-massage lightheadedness, or the issue of trying to find parking in the first place. It is super convenient during your WFH lunch break perhaps on a Friday afternoon or perhaps you like to have a bath straight afterwards to feel the full benefits. With a home massage you are safe in the knowledge that you can get your slippers on and kick back to some BBC drama.

So how can we curate the home massage to set the tone?

-Firstly, I recommend a room in your house with good space available where you feel you can relax the best. It might be a spare room, your bedroom or the living area. Anywhere where there is not too much clutter or reminder's of things you need to do. A room where there may be some ambience already, the lights can be dimmed and no one is overlooking you.

-Secondly, candles! Nothing says massage more than some candles that smell fantastic. It might be a moody dark scent of wood or musk which originally is said to be taken from the gland of the musk deer, (fun fact) or perhaps you prefer something softer like cotton or lavender. You may even have a diffuser that also works wonders.

-BYOO: Bring your own oil. Perhaps you have a preference for which oil you like to be massaged with. I personally love ESPA products or Neil's Yard aromatherapies. I use a light base oil that includes almond and soya protein, so if you have any allergies there are alternatives I can provide. Its your massage, you get to choose how you want it.

-Soothing music will help transcend your massage into another dimension. As you focus more on your body sensations, music will complete the experience and may perhaps even send you to sleep. I bring my own relaxation music which I source online but I am more than happy to listen to whatever helps you switch off.

-Lastly, Mood lighting: Set the tone with dimmed lights or some character lighting. Anything too bright might not help you reach your full state of relaxation, especially lying on your back.

As mobile therapists, we don't ask for much. We bring all necessary equipment and only need ease of accessibility to set up the table. I hope this doesn't sound like too much prep, but I promise its worth the experience!

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