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Your body is talking to you;
Are you listening?

Painful cramps, hot flushes, fatigue, and mood swings - symptoms we are all too familiar with but we don't know how to stop, so we ignore them.

Maybe we take supplements - exercise, or just lie in bed waiting for it to be over. But it doesn't have to be blood sweat and tears.


Looking at your chart, blood tests and medical opinions we can come together to sit down and actually talk about what is going on with your reproductive health. 


Using the power of reflexology, driven by data, we can strive to find a better balance. Listening and understanding are key to starting this process. 

I offer an initial consultation via zoom to discuss before treatment begins. This will go in-depth into your reproductive history and if you are ready to try fertility treatment, this will ideally include your partner if applicable. 

Female Health



Endometriosis is a condition where the lining of the womb grows outside the uterine cavity, causing painful periods or when having sexual contact.


This has been attributed to genes and also hormones causing the issue which means like any other condition, wellbeing and management is an important routine to keep.


I have had clients benefit from lymphatic drainage to help this and reflexology could also be considered to promote hormone balance.


An operation to remove the additional tissue is something to consider but other options such as hormone therapy or CBD is usually the first port to call before more invasive treatment.  

Blue and White Eggs


Polycycstic ovary syndrome means that women have a difficulty in ovulating - where the egg would develop normally and reach the uterus before being expelled.


This means that women with PCOS do not have regular periods and struggle to conceive. 

The underlying reasons are unknown, but the common factor is an abnormal amount of androgen (commonly male) hormones causing acne and unwanted body hair.

Losing weight is one step in the right direction. This is a frustrating condition that there is no cure for but once more, can be managed.

Fertility Health

One in seven of us has trouble conceiving in the UK.


Yet, Women aged 30-34 have had the highest conceptions for four years in a row, a record high in 2020.


We are choosing to become parents later but after the age of 35 this can come with more difficulty as the quality of semen and eggs drop significantly.


As hormonal imbalances are more common, we look to therapies such as Reflexology and Accupuncture to address concerns and support the body to achieve its optimum in order to conceive. 

Taught by renowned Reflexologist Barbara Scott, Yas provides services that can help support you in this time. 

Let's Work Together

Get in touch with Yas to discuss a consultation and how Reflexology or massage can help you find your balance.

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