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about yas

My passion for massage and well-being stems from years of personal experience. I am a hands-on individual looking to get to the bottom of  female health and targeting pain.


At 18, I started suffering from Migraine - a common and complex neurological disease that led me down a rabbit hole of trying to understand triggers and better manage stress.


I regularly booked massage and physiotherapy which taught me more about my body and mind than a GP ever could and feel the difference and balance that it gave me each month. This in-depth knowledge and skillset gives me an edge when approaching your bespoke massage plan.

Training in 2019, I became certified with a Diploma in Holistic and Swedish Massage from the London School of Massage. I decided to dedicate myself to this field to complement my interest in helping others also struggling with chronic conditions that affect their everyday lives.

In 2022, I completed continued professional development with award-winning Reflexologist Barbara Scott. This has laid the foundation for the next stage of my career treating women with hormonal imbalances and assisting their fertility journey. 

I aspire to provide each client with an unrivaled massage experience that exceeds expectation. In the comfort of your home, we can create a space that accommodates your needs and bring you back to balance.

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